Business Support Services

Organisations in the public and private sector increasingly recognise the need to focus on their core activities and rely on competent specialists to deliver support functions, such as human resources, supply chain, hygiene, security and catering.  This is creating a rapidly growing outsourced services sector which presents significant opportunities in the UK and Ireland.  Although a number of multinationals have emerged in recent years, the sector remains relatively fragmented providing scope for consolidation opportunities.

The Donworth team was responsible for establishing and developing one of the most successful and profitable supply chain providers in the Irish market.  We have restructured large workforces and developed and implemented programmes to optimise process and productivity.

About us

Donworth was formed in 2012 by John Casey and Peter Strange to raise capital for investment primarily in the food and outsourcing sectors.  The Donworth team have extensive experience… More »


Our selection process is based on extensive research in the Consumer Food and Business Support Services sectors. We select investments where the core business proposition is… More »